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Welcome to the UNIQUE GROUP

We are an innovative company in the property management and maintenance services sector.  Our corporate vision is to introduce new ideas with unique concepts and solutions that are currently not offered by our competitors. We strive to provide first class services in this sector, delivered to a consistent and repeatable high standard.

In delivering our services, we aim to work with our customers to build a supportive and sustainable relationship, predicated on trust and integrity in all we do.

We hope that you will discuss your needs with us and that we have the opportunity to demonstrate the ‘Unique’ difference we can make to the management of your property or complex.  Your satisfaction is our goal, and our success.

The Unique Group’s Founders and Management

Dursun Gül

Dursun began his early career in security management, working for Mecitoğlu Homes as a security officer in one of their complexes built in 2006.  During his time at the complex, he was recognized by the residents for his high standards, his attentiveness to the security and protection of his complex and its residents. Over the next seven years, Dursun continued to demonstrate his consistently strong service commitments to Mecitoğlu’s clients, which resulted in his promotion to Mecitoğlu’s corporate Security Manager.

During his tenure as security manager, Dursun’s responsibilities extended into new areas of security controls related to managed facilities, services contractors, personnel and security-related technologies.

After a corporate restructuring and closure of After Sales service by Mecitoğlu, Dursun’s broad management skills were sought out and an offer was made to him to become the Site Manager for a complex he previously serviced.  His success in this role led to managing more complexes such as Side Hill 3, Citrus Garden, Sozen Park and Arcadia.  This set of property management successes became the genesis for the Unique Group.

Deniz Timur

Deniz also began his early career in security management, working for Mecitoğlu Homes as a security officer in one of their complexes in 2006.  Deniz successfully performed in his security duties.  In this role, he was quickly recognized for his natural aptitude in quickly learning foreign languages.  This was a skill in high demand at Mecitoğlu Homes, and it wasn’t long before Deniz was promoted to Customer Consultant in the After Sales department.  His grasp of understanding and communicating in multiple languages assured his continued progression within the After Sales department.  His duties in the department expanded as he managed increasingly complex customer needs and transactions.

After the closure of the After Sales department, resulting from the corporate restructuring and formation of Lotus M, Deniz transferred to the new entity.  His role at Lotus M involved many of the same client management activities, all of which further extended his language and property management skills.  After two years at Lotus M, Deniz resigned to pursue his business interests as a founder of the Unique Group.